Southern Air 1st Quarter Yeti Awards

Yeti Safety Award

There are more than 3.7 million active construction companies in the United States. Last year, Virginia was a top ten state for most active construction sites. Every day the industry exposes workers to a variety of potential hazards, making construction a dangerous field to work in. There are millions of recordable cases every year, many with negative outcomes. All meetings at Southern Air start with a safety message, but they don’t always have to focus on a negative incident. Construction safety can be discussed in a positive light!

When it comes to the safe working practices of our Southern Air field teams, we see far more wins than losses. It’s time to do a better job celebrating the wins! It’s easy to focus on the negatives, and at times we must apply a lesson learned, but that doesn’t mean we can’t praise and reward those who lead by example. We want you to know we see you, we appreciate you and we thank you!

Southern Air has created the Safety Excellence Award! Each month, a Southern Air employee will win a laser engraved Yeti 20oz Tumbler with a chance to win the year end Grand Prize of a Yeti Tundra 65qt Hard Cooler!

Southern Air’s Safety Team and Safety Committee are excited to announce the first winners of the 2022 Safety Excellence Award.

January 2022
Steve Kozella, Electrical Foreman, Charlottesville, VA

January Safety Excellence Award Winner

“My first encounter with Steve in my role as a safety coordinator involved me asking him to address minor safety concerns at a work site. Steve addressed every single issue before I left the building! On several occasions, he’s reached out to the safety team with questions on policy, OSHA standards and overall safety concerns. He’s got the exact safe working mindset this industry covets.”

Randy Crawford, Safety Coordinator

February 2022
Roger Evans, Pipe Welder, Lynchburg, VA

February Safety Excellence Award Winner

“Roger shows great awareness of others around him while preforming his daily tasks. He is mindful of others while welding and always lets others know before striking an ark. While using a porta-power, Roger recognized a hazard of the jack slipping out and took extra measures to make guards to prevent that from happening, or in the event of a slip, the jack would be stopped.”

Robert Doss, Electrical Mechanic

March 2022
Jermey Reed, Electrical Superintendent, Bluefield, WV

March Safety Excellence Award Winner

“Jermey is being nominated because of the great job he does with his team ensuring they fill out their pre-task sheets, have weekly safety talks and because he reaches out to the safety team with questions and concerns. The Safety Team doesn’t get out to the Bluefield office as often as we’d like but he continues making sure his team is doing their pre-task planning and documenting safety talks.”

David Creasy, Safety Coordinator

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