Southern Air 3rd Quarter Yeti Award

Southern Air’s 2nd quarter Safety Excellent Award winners have been announced!

Each month, a Southern Air employee will win a laser engraved Yeti 20oz Tumbler with a chance to win the year end Grand Prize of a Yeti Tundra 65qt Hard Cooler!

July 2022
Sam Ramos Rodriguez, HVAC Service Technician, Greensboro, N.C.

The Greensboro Service Dept. recognizes how Sam always works with a high regard to Safety. Prior to performing tasks, he thinks through and brings up any safety concerns that may pose a problem, and will bring it to the appropriate personnel’s attention in a timely fashion. Sam keeps his PPE close to him at all times, just in case something comes up that could require an immediate response with a physical demand. He has an extremely high regard to housekeeping in keeping his jobsites free of trash or debris. There are never any trip hazards to speak of in his work areas. He also keeps his Service Van in optimum condition both inside, with great organizational skills, and outside by keeping it clean with daily washes and even waxing it. This always looks superb in representation for our company. We hope to see Sam recognized for his great attention to safety by presenting him a Safety Excellence Award.

-Kris Wrenn, Greensboro Service Manager

August 2022

Anthony Barry, Mechanical Project Manager

Anthony begins and ends his day with safety in mind. He is always looking out for our team members as well as other companies’ employees! He came up with the slogan “It’s a Good Day to have a Safe Day,” which Southern Air made into hard hat stickers. Anthony is a great user of the SmartTagIt app, does it with great enthusiasm and never misses a day. This week, Anthony even did a SmartTagIt with my team since I was out sick! I feel he is a great candidate for this award due to his commitment to safety.

-Michael Johnston, HVAC Lead Mechanic

September 2022
Terry Bateman, Special Projects Project Manager

Terry is being nominated for many reasons. Recently, he was working a job with several different types of gas and conveyer systems. He contacted safety and got a plan together to lock out and tag out each valve and system. The customer wanted us to install a couple NE valves in the system and Terry informed them this would only be done if he could lock the main tank/system out.

Another job consisted of demolishing a large mechanical room with several large skids and a 13,900lbs boiler. I think the reason it went so well is because Terry created a plan and assessed the situation with thought and safety in mind. The first day on the job, he made sure every energy source was locked out and tagged out. There were very large pieces of pipe and components that were rigged and lowered safely and discarded to the dumpster.

I could go on with several more instants as to where Terry put safety first. These are just a few of the most recent ones. Terry is willing to speak up about safety and make sure that it’s in the front of everyone’s mind during every task. Thank you for considering Terry for this award.

-Steve Cundiff, Special Projects Project Manager