Southern Air adds Structured Cabling

Structured cabling systems are fast becoming one of the best solutions for organizing technological infrastructure. Businesses and homes are wired up more than ever and to avoid a spaghetti nest of tangled cables, a little structure goes a long way. Structured cabling connects numerous systems to a single main frame where it can be monitored and controlled. Some of these systems will include hardware, security, access control, fire alarms, phone and internet and closed circuit TV with the ability to expand.

Southern Air Vice President Greg Graham often says, “At Southern Air, we’re solutions people.” For 75 years, we have proudly offered mechanical and electrical solutions to business owners and their buildings. Now we can provide Structured Cabling Solutions thanks to Robert Smith and his team’s dedication to an expanding industry.

Smith approached Southern Air’s leadership about introducing a new capability to our ‘customer service menu.’ His team designs and installs complex fire alarm systems, fiber optic and Ethernet cabling, access control systems (card readers, biometrics, body temps, retinal scans), and CCTV with multiple camera systems. The requirements for cabling services increase daily, and Smith seems to have found his place to grow with that demand at Southern Air.

“Buildings continue to be designed with more and more digitally connected systems within them,” says Paul Denham, President. “We see a future of expanding  opportunity with these low voltage systems in modern buildings. This is why we targeted this field for an expansion of our in-house capabilities. We are excited about the future Robert Smith and his group bring to our company.”

The joy of the job comes from how different each day can be from the last. Low Voltage technicians may be pulling 90,000 feet of cable one month and then hanging cameras and programming electronics next. They have to be able to survive in the elements on muddy construction sites, massive industrial plants, or with a hospital’s IT guy splicing fiber in a clean room where there can’t be dust in the air. No day is ever the same couldn’t be more understated about a Low Voltage Tech.

“Southern Air was willing to try and this decision has been greatly supported,” says Smith. “The attitude here is figure out how to do it, get it done and let us know how we can help you. We bought fiber fusion splicing gear, testing gear for fiber and Ethernet cabling, licensing and truck so they invested in this right off the bat.”

Smith’s team recently ran lines through countless buildings on Liberty University’s campus, Crown & Cork, Frito Lay and installed fire alarms at Virginia Episcopal School. Smith remembers hesitancy from previous employers in taking on fire alarm jobs due to liability concerns but knows every building must have them and when the work is good, the customer tends to come back for more.