Construction Project Manager Audits Foster Safety Excellence at Southern Air

Southern Air’s mechanical and electrical project managers engage in annual safety audits across two active job sites. One site is related to their specific project, while the other offers a fresh perspective. This approach encourages dialogue and fosters safe working practices, addressing the hazards faced by our field members daily. Following each audit, all trades on-site gather for a stand-down session, enabling an open discussion on findings, concerns, and requirements. This exceptional program has successfully brought our field teams face to face with company leaders and safety officials.

Since 2017, Southern Air project managers have conducted an impressive 592 safety audits. With extensive experience in their roles, these managers bring a wealth of safety knowledge to their responsibilities. Many possess OSHA 30 certifications and boast significant construction expertise. This diverse range of perspectives benefits not only the managers and field crews but also Southern Air’s Safety Team, enhancing the effectiveness of these walk-through assessments.

Construction projects are notorious for demanding schedules and inherent risks. Construction project managers bear the responsibility of ensuring safe working practices are followed and compliance with OSHA regulations. Job site audits involve meticulous evaluations of the work site, equipment, and actions of the workforce, aiming to identify potential hazards. During these site visits, project managers and the Safety Team engage with field crews, replenish personal protective equipment, and cultivate an awareness of risks related to tool usage, material storage, electrical hazards, and overall cleanliness.

In conjunction with their regularly scheduled job site safety audits, Southern Air’s Safety Team thoughtfully incorporated this year’s OSHA National Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. Seasoned project managers walked alongside those embarking on their first major project, proving this as a great way to get people together who are not generally around each other to talk shop.

“The majority of our project manager audits find more positives than negatives,” says Tommy Gay, Southern Air Safety Director. “This leads to lots of ‘atta boys’ and a few lessons learned. Positive reinforcement is something that must not be overlooked. It’s easy to simply carry on and not interrupt someone who’s busy, but a thank you goes a long way! ‘Thank you for working safely,’ or ‘that offset looks great,’ and ‘I brought you donuts,’ to me, always go a long, long way.”

Construction sites are dynamic environments, with risks evolving as projects progress. Southern Air’s project managers and Safety Team play a vital role in ensuring safe working practices to reduce construction-related injuries. These audits actively identify, discuss, and mitigate potential hazards, enforce OSHA compliance, and cultivate our safety-oriented culture. By prioritizing the well-being of our field personnel and implementing proactive safety measures, project managers and our Safety Team contribute to the overall success of construction projects, creating a safer environment for all on the job site.

Safety. Production. Quality.