Leading the Way in Construction Safety

Southern Air has enjoyed some recognition for our exemplary safety programs and unwavering commitment to cultivating a safety-first culture. Our achievements caught the attention of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry and the Associated General Contractors of Virginia, earning our company accolades from both.

Southern Air Safety Director Tommy Gay was invited to be a speaker at the 25th Annual Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Conference. This prestigious event celebrated a quarter-century of promoting safe and healthy work environments while providing invaluable training opportunities for employers and employees across Virginia. Gay took the stage during the Construction Industry Technology session to share specific ways in which Southern Air has led by example in implementing numerous safety programs unique to our company.

“I attended my first Annual VOSH Conference with my Dad 15 years ago,” says Gay. “At that time, I was interested in becoming a safety professional like him. It’s a humbling experience to go from a journeyman maintenance mechanic to a Safety Director guest speaker at a state conference where so many professionals go to network and learn from one another.”

The VOSH planning committee was interested to learn about Southern Air’s innovative use of technology in safety training. Our YouTube training videos, MOODLE training platform, QR codes for SDS access, SMARTTAGIT and fire extinguisher inspections showcased our commitment to utilizing modern tools for enhanced safety education and employee involvement.

The timing was perfect as Southern Air received another invitation to the VPP Recognition Luncheon to be honored as a BEST Level 2 company. Gay left one event for the other to proudly accept this esteemed recognition on behalf of our company. Southern Air is only the fourth company in Virginia to earn the BEST Level 2 achievement, and the sole primary subcontractor. The other three BEST Level 2 companies are W.M. Jordan, MEB, and Holder Construction, who are all general contractors.

“My journey at Southern Air has been amazing so far. I’m grateful that I found a company like Southern Air to build a career with and extremely proud of the support I’ve received along the way,” says Gay. “My goals are to lead our safety program and culture to new heights just like those before me. The current safety, management, and field team are in place to keep building and improving upon for many more years to come.”

Southern Air understands the inherent risks of the construction industry and prioritizes safety by implementing comprehensive programs and training for field teams. Our unwavering focus on safety reflects our goal of leading the construction industry with new safety standards and inspiring others to follow our lead. The VOSH recognition and achievement of Virginia BEST Level 2 reflect Southern Air’s continuous efforts to go above and beyond industry standards in promoting a safe and secure work environment for our most valuable resource; our people.