All Systems Install at Auto Dealership

Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical install at auto dealership

The car dealership owned by the Craft family has finally outgrown their car dealership in Lynchburg, Virginia after 38 years. Billy Craft Honda moved into their new facility at the end of May and while it’s just blocks away from their old location, the state-of-the-art facility immediately began drawing in customers old and new. With 500 parking spots at their disposal, their massive inventory of new Honda’s and pre-owned vehicles will always be on display.

The new building consolidates Billy Craft’s showroom, offices, and service department all under the same roof. Prior to this, the dealership was a collection of buildings. The new facility needed to “Wow” their clients while improving the business’ functionality and accessibility. It quickly turned into a fun project as Southern Air won the full mechanical, electrical and plumbing contracts.

Southern Air’s Special Projects team had quite the task before them with the installation of their HVAC systems and ductwork. Not only did they need to control the air temperatures and flows in the large showroom and office spaces, but in the almost 21,000 square foot service and maintenance center as well. This work area required the installation of a make-up air unit to properly ventilate hazardous fumes created in repair shops.

The service department has 22 car bays where their mechanics can take care of routine maintenance, major engine overhauls and even detailing to prepare vehicles for resale. Environments like these can make the air hazardous to breathe unless it is exhausted and ventilated properly. When exhaust fans remove air from a building, it needs to be replaced and make-up air units are designed to do just that. These HVAC systems pull in fresh, tempered air from outside the building to replace the exhausted air unable to be recirculated.

Our team installed a Daikin Commercial Packaged Rooftop make-up air unit and the still exposed ductwork throughout the building. His teams put in ten Greenheck exhaust fans throughout this garage area. Accompanying the large make-up air unit are six Carrier rooftop cooling units with gas heat. These will heat and cool the office spaces and showroom, which includes sleek-looking fabric duct. Billy Craft Honda ended up being one of those jobs with a good amount of exposed ductwork, which is just fine with us.

Our electrical teams installed new electrical service to the building, wired all the equipment and heavy machinery in the service area and installed all the lighting through the building and showroom. One of their bigger challenges involved the installation of the floor boxes and showroom lights, which are really a sight to see.

Trimble Robotic Total Stations measure positioning points at construction sites using GPS, lasers, and optical technologies for layout and data collection. Utilizing this method, measuring electrical and mechanical points is significantly faster and much more accurate. Using GPS technology instead of traditional methods saved days on this job, if not weeks.

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