Southern Air's COVID-19 Training and Infectious Disease Preparedness Response Plan

Southern Air’s COVID-19 Infection Disease Preparedness and Response Plan was developed for those in our company and subcontractors working on our behalf.

We are deploying multiple methods to combat an infectious disease outbreak emergency. These methods include education and awareness training, distribution of the latest PPE requirements, good hygiene practices, and restricting employees who show illness symptoms from reporting to work until medically cleared.

We have adapted new workplace procedures such as implementing social distancing measures, facial covering guidelines, a vast reduction in face-to-face meetings or gatherings, the suspension of non-essential business travel and ensuring disinfection supplies remain stockpiled and available.

Southern Air’s Safety Department is instrumental to our success as the pandemic continues to evolve. This group ensures life-safety remains the paramount concern in all activities. When new guidelines emerge, they communicate changes to procedures, hygiene practices and the proper disinfecting measures according to any newly established public health official guidelines.

Southern Air’s Human Resources department is working in conjunction with the Safety Team when elevated threat levels are observed. This department conducts contact tracing investigations for any employee-related illness or absence to care for sick family members. They ensure proper care is sought while affording affected employees up to 80 hours of free medical sick leave.

Communication is paramount. We deliver our messages to our customers, employees and their families through many platforms. We encourage you to learn more about Southern Air’s reaction to COVID-19  by watching the videos below.

Southern Air encourages our customers, partners and employees to learn about safety tips and advice for protecting yourself and your family from COVID-19 by visiting the CDC’s website.

Together, we will continue to provide excellent services to our customers, great care and benefits to our employees and their families, while keeping the safety of everyone involved with Southern Air as safe as we possibly can.

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