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Employee Referral Bonus Program

       Employee Referral Bonus Program (ERBP)


Southern Air, Inc. recognizes the need to hire talented, knowledgeable, and experienced individuals to join our team.  To promote organizational recruitment and retention, we want to encourage current employees to refer external candidates for positions within Southern Air, Inc.


  • Employee refers external candidate to career opportunities within SA.
  • Candidate applies for positions and indicates referring SA employee.
  • If hired, Human Resource will indicate referring SA employee.

Eligibility / Criteria

  • Employee must contact Director of Personnel Development for employment needs before recruiting.
  • Employee must notify Director of Personnel Development of prospective employee.
  • Employee reference must be included on prospective employee’s application.
  • Department Head and Director of Personnel Development to determine employee classification.
  • Thirty days of continuous employment for new hire before incentive will be paid.
  • Incentive will be paid within 30 days after employment anniversary.
  • Incentive pay out to be added to Employee’s W-2 Form.
  • If you are no longer employed by Southern Air before anniversary of new hire, you will forfeit your ERBP.
  • Management reserves the right to modify or suspend ERBP as it deems necessary.
  • Program last 90 days, November 1st 2021 – February 1st 2022

* Note: SA staffs involved in the recruitment / hiring process for the incentive eligible opening are not eligible to participate in this program.  (i.e. Human Resource, Superintendents, Branch & Department Managers.)

Award Amount

Vacant Position Level Award Amount

(More than 2 yrs. experience – Construction & Service Techs)

$   50.00

(More than 7 yrs. experience – Construction & Service Techs)

$   100.00

(More than 12 yrs. experience – Construction & Service Techs)

$   200.00



Please note: This is not an institution-wide incentive program.  Applicants hired in Office roles, and Business areas are not eligible hires for this program.

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