HHHunt Ductless HVAC Solutions

Mitsubishi ductless install at office HQ

HHHunt employs more than 1,700 professionals from Delaware down the east coast to South Carolina, helping senior citizens, students and everyone in between find the perfect place to call home. Founded in 1966, Virginia, HHHunt has become a leader in real estate development, apartment communities, new home construction, senior living and master planned neighborhoods. Overseeing more than 40 locations from their headquarters building in Blacksburg, Virginia keeps their staff more than busy, and they don’t have time to be angry at their thermostats.

Southern Air’s Roanoke Service Department has serviced HHHunt’s HQ building for years, building something more valuable than chillers and boilers; great customer relationships. Through the years, the business between our two companies has developed a trust that cannot be overstated. The two-way communication shows them we care more about the long-term value of their comfort solutions than earning a quick buck.

After replacing their chiller a few years ago, HHHunt began renovating their building. They called Southern Air for guidance replacing old fan coil units but we saw an opportunity to help them long term. By removing the fan coils and bypassing the chiller loop, we set floor mounted Mitsubishi hyper heat ductless units. These heat pumps contain enhanced compressor systems capable of providing heat even when the temperature outside drops as low as -13° F. If you think that’s a bit extreme, the record low in Blacksburg is -18°F.

Roanoke’s service technicians renovated HHHunt’s building right alongside them, eventually installing 14 new Mitsubishi 26 SEER units on one side of their building. The climate on the other half of their building is controlled by Carrier units, less than 10 years old. These new Mitsubishi units will reduce the use of their chiller and save them on energy and maintenance costs since the chiller won’t be running as much nor need to be maintained as often.

This business is as much about people as it is the service as we provide. For years, Southern Air has not only maintained the comfort systems at HHHunt’s headquarters, but the relationship with our customer as well. The Roanoke technicians built genuine trust and care about their success, traits customers recognize. Through caring and understanding came the positive working relationship between our two companies. Southern Air wants HHHunt to continue their prosperity, and be comfortable while they do it.

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