Safety Group


Southern Air is committed to being the best Contractor and Service provider. To be the best, the Leadership of the company recognizes that we must provide exceptional quality and customer service, an opportunity for our Partners to excel and grow, and a working environment that puts emphasis on safe behaviors and conditions.

At Southern Air we value the well being of our Partners above all other aspects of our business. The Leadership Team is committed to providing a safe and secure work environment for all of our Partners. This commitment is implemented through constant and consistent training with an overall emphasis on prevention.

To achieve our goal of zero incidents, we promote a culture of shared responsibility. We believe all Partners have the obligation to Think, Plan, and Perform their job tasks in a manner that will provide a risk free/ incident free environment. We understand that our economic value rest completely with the productivity of our work force and agree that a safe, orderly, and well planned environment is essential to productivity. To that degree, we hold everyone accountable for his or her actions with full support and backing from the Leadership Team.

As a provider of Contracting Services we face a unique challenge that our work environment is spread out over numerous and different geographic locations. To overcome this challenge, all Partners at Southern Air are empowered to question and/or stop work if “At Risk” behavior or conditions exist at any work site. We view giving and receiving feedback as a critical step in changing unsafe practices and attitudes.

Our vision is that your personal well being will become a core value. Assessing risk before taking action will become a way of life at work and at home, 24/7.