- Indoor Air Quality
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Clean indoor air quality is critical to the health and well-being of you and your employees. Dirt build-up can aggravate illnesses caused by allergens, bacteria and fungi. Southern Air’s Indoor Air Quality Division is focused on assuring fresh, clean air circulates through your system every day.

At the same time, we minimize system failures caused by dirt and dust and save on energy costs because clean systems run more efficiently, restoring capacity and reducing running times. Hospitals, schools, industries, offices and institutions count on Southern Air for a regular assessment and cleaning of their heating and cooling systems.

We specialize in clean,
healthy indoor environments:

Total Facility and System Assessment
Testing and Evaluation
Confidential Recommendations
Professional Remediation
Ongoing Indoor Air Quality Support
Services include:
HVAC Inspection
Video Documentation
Contaminant Source Identification
Microbial Surface and Air Sampling
Duct Cleaning and Sanitation
Filtration and Ventilation Enhancement