Prepare your Home for Spring

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It’s time for your Residential Home HVAC tune-up for spring! We went from Christmas in shorts and T-shirts to a Game of Thrones-like winter fast! Many of us repeatedly lost power, relied on home stand-by generators and watched our kids bounce off the walls… again and again! With temperatures constantly below freezing, home heating systems have been constantly running. If you’re not frequently servicing your comfort systems, you may have also seen some pretty aggressive energy bills this season. With winter finally on the outs, it’s a great time give your unit some much deserved rest and recovery.

There are many small tasks you can accomplish yourself at home as the seasons change and the weather begins to warm.

Residential HVAC technicianIf you’ve got a tree or two by your house, no doubt you’ve got some broken limbs and leaves collecting in all corners of the yard. Before restarting your using your outdoor unit, it’s important to clear away any yard debris or vegetation that has accumulated around it. A good rule of thumb is to give your unit about a foot of clear space. You can also rinse your unit with a garden hose, but be careful around the fan blades to avoid damaging them in the process.

Give your vents, ducts and grills a good dusting. Over the winter months, dust, pet dander and other airborne allergens find ways to collect in your home. A warm, spring afternoon is the perfect opportunity to pop your windows open, introduce some fresh air and give your vents a cleansing, spa-like day.

The easiest thing you can do for your home is keep the air filter fresh by swapping it out before cranking the A/C. At this point, changing your air filter is like reminding you to brush your teeth; you know you should have done it earlier, you told people you have and you shouldn’t have to be reminded at this point in your life! Regularly replacing air filters keeps your unit in good working order and greatly improves the air quality inside your home. Filters caked in dust block air from circulating with ease, causing your unit to work much harder. This hurts the life of your system and your bank account when the bills come in.

The best recommendation is getting your unit to the mechanic, much like you would your car when it’s time to change the oil. If you aren’t taking your car in for routine maintenance, you shouldn’t be surprised when it dies on the side of the road. Your comfort systems are no different.

Southern Air Residential offers annual maintenance agreements, cleaning services and can expert diagnostics to keep your system functioning at its peak performance. Our technicians catch small problems before they turn into big expenses, but early detection is the key. The temperatures will rise and summer is coming! Will your unit be ready?

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