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Free Second Opinion

It’s frustrating to think that some heating and cooling companies take advantage of their customers’ trust and lack of technical knowledge to sell things that are not necessary. Or, in some cases, a technician’s lack of experience and training may result in a misdiagnosis.

At times, homeowners have been told that they must replace their air conditioning or heating system when a simple repair is all that was needed. These recommendations not only cost unnecessary money and time, but give the HVAC industry a bad name.

With dozens of licensed HVAC companies to choose among, it can be difficult to make sure you hire an HVAC company that will act in your best interest. Before you commit to a costly repair or system replacement, consider getting a free second opinion from Southern Air Residential.

Southern Air Residential wants to make sure you understand all of the available options. We provide peace of mind in knowing that your estimate is fair, honest and competitive.

Whether it’s a simple repair or a major replacement, we are happy to provide a Free Second Opinion to ensure that you have a professional and thorough diagnosis of your heat pump, HVAC, central air conditioning or furnace. This service is provided to you at no charge and you are under no obligation to use Southern Air Residential.

Southern Air Residential Free Second Opinion

Here’s how it works:

  • Schedule your free second opinion by calling 434-385-1200, or completing the short request form here,
  • Provide us with a written proposal or invoice from another HVAC company, dated within 45 days of your call,
  • We will inspect the same items included in your prior proposal and provide you with a written recommendation for the services we recommend.

Since 1946, Southern Air Residential has been providing the utmost in honest, ethical & reliable services. At Southern Air, we like to sleep well at night knowing we have lived up to our high level of ethical standards by treating our customers as we want to be treated.

Contact us for your Free Second Opinion.
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