Underground Piping Spectra Laser

Spectra Lasers are very useful tools. Before a newly constructed building’s foundation is poured, underground piping must be installed. Piping transports numerous materials supporting the comfort systems we rely on, such as natural gas, water and sanitation. Pipefitters are often some of the first tradespeople at a construction site. This means holes are dug, long runs of piping are welded into place, back-filled, covered and then buried for good. This is why the level and alignment of the pipes is so important to get right.

Underground pipes are typically installed in square trenches, dug out by an excavator. Manually grading, or leveling, the trenches for pipes can be a time-consuming process involving a ruler, level and string. Pipes need to be placed accurately on graded soil, on the correct slopes. Advances in construction technology are automating these responsibilities with astonishing accuracy while saving time, money and manpower.

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Dual grade laser technology combines high speed surveying with 3D imaging to measure slopes automatically. They can easily take distance and horizontal measurements, seamless transfer of data in and out of CAD, and multiple surveys can be accomplished at a single time. Southern Air consistently looks to add tools for our field to enhance their efficiency and productivity. As our teams utilize dual lasers for the new Blacksburg Police Station, they are able to dig and lay down more than 100-feet of sanitary piping in a day. This method allows tradespeople to stand on the side of the ditch while the laser takes readings from the hole as the excavator digs. When the receiver beeps, it shows the grade is accurate and you can move on to the next section.

As technologies in the construction industries evolve, it’s important we evolve with it. Health and safety are paramount for Southern Air. There are many “back-breaking” duties involved with construction. While dual lasers are a great tool to provide an accurate product for our customers, it’s great to provide our tradespeople a tool which can also provide physical relief.

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