Southern Air has built a 60,000 square foot Prefabrication facility where we can assemble components of HVAC ductwork, conduct pipe welding and construct electrical materials as needed.

By being able to prefabricate materials needed on construction sites, Southern Air is able to control construction costs by reducing time, labor-related wages and materials. Our Prefabrication facility can mass produce anything from electrical whips to entire dorm rooms, thus avoiding congested job sites with additional materials and assembly areas.

We also use our Fabrication Shop to continue to develop the next generation of tradespeople attending Southern Air’s apprenticeship program. Students are able to learn about trades and practice new skills by producing products that are quality control checked and used in the field.

Services include:

  • Pipe welding: Full ASME certified welding shop to include U, S, PP and R Stamp.
  • Sheet Metal Shop: Fabricating and designing custom sheet metal products with fully automated coil line and plasma cutting system.
  • Electrical Prefabrication: Fabrication of lighting systems, full electrical rooms, underground race way and custom bent conduit.
  • Collaboration with BIM design engineers