Building Automation Systems

A Building Automation System helps you achieve the most efficient and economical use of your HVAC system.
Southern Air designs, sells, installs and services a wide range of building environment control systems.
With our state-of-the-art services to the industrial, commercial and institutional markets, we can solve the most complicated problems or improve the performance of your existing system.

We specialize in Honeywell, Trane, Johnson Controls, and many more, giving you the confidence to trust the building controls professionals at Southern Air.

The Southern Air BCS technicians are trained and certified for Honeywell, Johnson Controls and Trane equipment. We can provide system evaluations and recommendations, design services, training for your personnel and much more!

Similar to building automated systems, fire protection and alarm systems have progressed into modern computer-based systems.
While fire protection systems are designed to stand alone, integrating them with your buildings other automation systems can enhance their effectiveness. By blending these systems together, businesses can save money on installation expenses, improve communication between systems, and can be monitored from your building’s automated systems control room.

Not only is Southern Air proficient in installing and programming fire protection systems, but we are also experts in their service and preventative maintenance. Modern buildings and those needing retro-commissioning should all feature comprehensive building automation systems which in turn, will enhance your facility’s state-of-the-art fire suppression systems.
Look to Southern Air to be your one-stop shop to install, program and service your fire protection systems.

Did you know?

  • More than 50% of buildings have automation control problems
  • 40% of buildings have HVAC equipment problems
  • 25% of buildings have systems that are simply not operating correctly

Retro-commissioning is a systematic process to improve an existing building’s HVAC performance. Recently renovated buildings, those with high energy costs or facilities constructed prior to 2010 can be good candidates for retro-commissioning as building automation technology continues to develop. A Southern Air BAS retro-commission for your business will save you money, improve the performance of your HVAC equipment and improve quality of life for those occupying your building.

Programmable Logic Controls are industrial computer control systems able to constantly oversee input devices and make determinations based on customized procedures to control output devices.

Most manufacturing lines, machine operations, and processes can be considerably improved using a programmable logic control system. Using a PLC offers your industrial facility capability to modify or reproduce your operations. The module systems allow you to choose what type of input and output devices most suitable for you needs.

If you’re interested in improving your industrial processes with a PLC system, the professionals at Southern Air’s Building Controls Systems department can show you the way.

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